Trucker is a flexible courier system. Individual modules can be freely configured and combined, to best fit into specification and support the operation of your company.

If needed, we may modify or even add a whole new module according to your requirements.

The whole system is ready to deliver comprehensive service of all processes in courier, transport and distribution companies. The system was created by 12 years of close collaboration with entrepreneurs which grants it's functionality is proven in action and tailored to the needs of the market.

What are the advantages of using the system?

  • Greater control over the whole company, procurement, fleet and staff.
  • Maintenance of all functions and processes in your company.
  • Save time and money.
  • Increased customer satisfaction, and cooperation.
  • Integration with e-commerce and Allegro
  • Expanded database of reports
  • Streamlined invoicing, logistics processes and order processing is able to almost completely eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy.

C- Tracker


Are you small or medium courier/logistic/transport company that is looking for not expensive but reliable IT system?

We are offering professional system for a very good price. By this solution your company will gain stable and customized market leader system.

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Dedicated system that is a perfect solution for transport companies. It allows track analysis, vehicle tracking and extended package of reports. It will be very good support for any fleet management.

System allows integration with onboard vehicle recorders that can deliver many valuable data such as fuel consumption, position, etc. Thanks to real time operation you will be able to track the actual position of vehicles and all tracks. In case of an accident, system is offering alarm module and "anti-thief" button.

Do you want to go to a higher level of fleet management?

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